Joining the RenWerX team not only includes doing whatever your job it is but also having the option giving input and helping shape what base and renegades will be. In addition beta testing and helping with various other development aspects are all options. You also get to work with some of the best people in the Tribes Community. There are many other benifits to being a member of RenWerX! With all of our positions you will only be required to put in whatever time you can donate to RenWerX. You will never be required to do more than you would like to.
If you think you have what it takes please Contact Us here!

Currently Open Positions

Weapons, Vehicles, base objects, deployables, heck even the ground need skins! If you think you can help us out let us out with some of these things let us know.

Torque Scripter
We are looking for talented Tribes 2/Torque/TGE scripters to join our scripting team to help programming everything from weapons to packs to anything else in the game. If you think this is a position you are interested in please let us know.

2D Graphics Artist
We are looking for people who have skill in making graphics for ingame menus, inventory stations or to make icons for things like weapons/deployables, load screens, etc. Only graphics experience (ie photoshop) is required.

Concept Artist
RenWerX is seeking people who have drawing talent who can draw concept images for our modelers to base new models off of. These can be hand drawn, scanned sketches of just what various weapons/vehicles/etc should look like. Obviously this position requires some creative talent.

Once modelers finish making their weapons/vehicles often they must be animated. For things like firing, or reloading, etc. In addition some weapon effects etc and various other animation based actions. You should be proficient with 3D Studio Max, if you think you would like to do some animation for us let us know.

UVW Mapper
Once models are made UVW Maps have to be setup so that skinners know where and how to skin things. We are looking for someone to help setup the UVW Maps on weapons. You should have 3ds Max Experience, tutorials are avalible for your use.

If you can make good models in 3D Studio or maya (etc) we could use you! We have many base objects, weapons, vehicles, etc to get done and so if you have some modeling talent let us know!

Sound Effects Generator
Weapons, deployables, turrets, etc all need sounds! So if you can make nice sound effects, please let us know.

Engine Scripter
Have you done C++ coding before and maybe worked on game engines in the past? Engine scripters are responsible for helping modify the TGE/Torque engine to support various new features and items. If you think this interests you let us know!

Back Story Creator
We are looking for someone with a real passion for the Tribes story to help form something of a backstory of what Renegades is. If you have creative writing talent and love Tribes this may be a great way to help out. Based on the backstory maps and such will be put together along with our style guide.

Renegades needs music! Remember some of the great t2 songs? Well if you are a musician and think you could make some cool gaming music let us know!

If you think you have what it takes please Contact Us here!